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We have published detailed step-by-step repair manual for Segway miniPRO with links to the necessary spare parts. You can find Segway miniPTO Repair Guide here

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About 60% of Ninebot One mechanical issues are due to either a failure of the control board or a failure of the battery. The following are the basic initial troubleshooting steps we ask users to perform when they are having issues with their wheel: The motor seldom has any failure, therefore starting the machine should not cause any additional problems. If the wheel will not start, perform a roll test. Roll the wheel and note how it responds: a) rolls smoothly, b) rolls with resistance or c) doesn’t roll at all. If there is resistance and it’s not rolling smoothly,...

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Ninebot and Segway use different SKU and inventory control numbers for left and right Ninebot PTR wheel kits.  It can be a little confusing but in reality you don't have to worry about the right side.  There is no difference between lift or right wheel kit. They are interchangeable.  You can purchase any side.  Instructions on the Ninebot PTR E Wheel Replacement and Tire Pressure Service 

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