Segway miniPRO Battery Error Codes

The following table shows typical error codes of Segway miniPRO batteries:

Light Description
Green — blinking once per second BMS standby, no over-discharge
Red     — blinking once per second BMS standby, over-discharged, not hibernating yet
Green — blinking quickly Normal working mode, communicating
Red     — solid Short circuit protection
Green — solid Over-charged
Red     — on for ½ second, off for ½ second Charging
Green — on for ½ second, off for ½ second Discharging
Off Hibernating. Charge to wake up.
Other BMS error



  • pete

    Hi. If any one know what’s wrong with my Segway mini pro. I tried to change the battery it shows red solid light but the charger shows as green. I been plugged in for almost 2 days but it’s shows as same. So I don’t know what’s wrong the battery or charger!

  • joel jones

    Exactly the same as josh. When the battery is connected there are no lights at all on the dashboard.
    What is the problem?
    Does it just need a good charge or is it dead please?
    Many thanks

  • Josh

    Hi the battery on my mini is flashing red and the charger is solid green! Is that right?

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